Films with Impact

Can a film change the world and be a box office hit at the same time? The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, history has shown that films with a strong impact often achieve financial success.

The Power to Change the World and Rock the Box Office

While the influence of a film on social and political issues may be hard to quantify, the impact of documentaries on audiences and public discourse is undeniable. Documentaries often tackle important subjects and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

This, in turn, plays a role in public discourse and makes the film more engaging – and thus more successful at the box office.

Films like An Inconvenient Truth, Miners Shot Down, or Taxi to the Dark Side, to name just a few, have managed to shed light on crucial issues such as the climate crisis, police brutality, or torture, bringing them to a broad audience's attention. Other films like »Blackfish« have inspired audiences worldwide to stand up against injustice and contributed to SeaWorld ending its orca program.

Oscar-nominated films like For Sama or 20 Days in Mariupol have made the horrors of war visible and sparked international outrage. They shed light on conflicts that would have been nearly forgotten due to their sheer frequency.

With the evolution of the film industry, allowing smaller productions to reach a global audience, and digitalization enabling us to reach diverse target groups, the power of films in societal discourse will only grow. This not only changes the world but also makes documentaries more visible, expands the audience, and prolongs the lifespan and success of the films.