The Good Media Network offers selected projects the opportunity to develop impact strategies and find partners for their implementation in an inspiring atmosphere. Together we create impact – for a better and more just world! 


The Good Media Network offers selected projects the opportunity to develop impact strategies and find partners for their implementation in an inspiring atmosphere. Together we create impact – for a better and more just world! 

The Good Media Pitch

The Good Media Lab & Pitch 

Films can inspire people not only to expose injustices but also to actively work towards their elimination.

Vivian Schröder

In times of fake news and disinformation, the role of documentary films is more important than ever to illuminate complex issues and stimulate public discourse. The Good Media Lab and The Good Media Pitch aim to increase the visibility and reach of documentary formats in Germany and establish them as effective tools for social change. We work with the approach of impact producing and developing impact campaigns and distribution strategies.

Impact & Film – What’s that?

Impact Producing maximizes a film’s social impact through strategic planning, development, and execution. It involves identifying specific goals, collaborating with stakeholders, and creating outreach campaigns. It extends a film’s lifespan, broadens its reach, and boosts audience numbers.

Impact Distribution focuses on purposefully disseminating and marketing a film to achieve maximum impact and audience beyond traditional disctribution. It utilizes various distribution channels such as educational screenings, community screenings, and special events. By organizing screenings, collaborating with media and NGO partners, and implementing outreach initiatives, it ensures that the film reaches its target audience and achieves desired effects.

Impact Campaigning involves targeted campaigns surrounding a film to achieve specific social outcomes. This includes advocacy campaigns, awareness initiatives, educational programs or call for action. By developing campaign strategies, mobilizing supporters, and collaborating with NGOs and policymakers, it raises awareness and drives tangible change on particular issues.

Call for Projects

We are thrilled to announce the call for projects for The Good Media Lab and The Good Media Pitch 2024 and invite submissions from documentary filmmakers and storytellers! Do you have an outstanding documentary or non-fiction project that has recently been completed or is set to be finished by the end of 2024/first quarter of 2025? Then we invite you to apply for Germany’s first Impact Programme.

We can support up to seven projects. While we are looking for six projects with a strong Berlin connection we can offer one spot to an international project. 

What can you expect

In The Good Media Lab, selected projects are invited to a three-day Impact Lab to be trained by experts and develop impact distribution strategies and campaigns. This fosters groundbreaking alliances with civil society representatives and campaign experts. 

The highlight of initiative is The Good Media Pitch, where projects present their strategies to potential partners from media, politics, business, and civil society. The goal is to secure sustainable partners for project implementation. In Braintrusts, projects deepen their themes by developing concrete collaboration approaches with partners acquired during The Good Media Pitch.

Participation in the program allows projects to apply for start-up funding from the The Good Media Fund. Important: Funding is not automatic, but is based on a careful review by a panel of experts. The panel evaluates the applications based on their feasibility and relevance to the program's goals and awards the available funds to the most promising projects.

In addition, the AG DOK - Berufsverband Dokumentarfilm awards one outstanding project (that is connected to Germany) within the program with an additional start-up financing of 5,000 EUR.

In your submission, please highlight how your project meets these criteria and provide insights into what you would like to achieve through your film. We look forward to receiving your submission and exploring the potential impact of your work.


Please note that you need to be available between July 1st and 3rd for in-person participation at The Good Media Lab in Berlin. And that you need to be able to participate in person at The Good Media Pitch, which will take place between October 10th and 20th. (Travel and hotel costs will be covered by the project.)


Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference through your creative work!

Submissions will be open from beginning of May until May 30th, 2024. Let’s amplify your impact together.



Four slots as well as the international slot are reserved for feature length documentaries that aim for a cinema release. The additional two slots are open for any kind of non-fiction project that would like to create impact. 

A team member residing in Berlin.

Filming is partly conducted in Berlin.

A storyline or subject matter relevant to Berlin.

Additionally we have one spot for an international project without any Berlin connection. 

You need to have your project fully financed and you must aim for an international premiere in 2024 or the first quarter of 2025. 

An international committee is going to select the projects. Within this process they are focusing on the following aspects:

Strong Storytelling Approach:
We are seeking projects with compelling narratives that captivate and engage audiences.
Your project should demonstrate a clear vision, inspiring storytelling, and a unique perspective.

Suitability for Impact Distribution or Campaign:
Consideration will be given to projects that address or could help address pressing social or environmental issues and have the potential to spark meaningful change.

Strong First Idea for the Impact Goal:
We are looking for projects with a well-defined initial idea for their impact goal.

Call for Projects Pitch & Lab 2024

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