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The Good Media Network seized a unique opportunity to unveil its Film and Impact Initiative at Rotes Rathaus during Berlinale. Florian Graf, Head of the Senate Chancellery and State Secretary, delivered an inspiring opening speech, marking a significant moment in our mission to make a difference through film.

We are deeply grateful for the support you have shown for our idea and new initiative! We would like to extend our special thanks to Rotes Rathaus for graciously hosting us and to Head of the Senate Chancellery and State Secretary Florian Graf for his inspiring opening speech. As he beautifully put it:

The Good Media Network will now be a new institution for the promotion of documentary film formats. It is important to hold a mirror up to the world so that we can all see the it through the film makers eyes and learn from them.

Florian Graf, Head of the Senate Chancellery

The future is now – but what is the future?

Impact campaigns are strategic initiatives associated with film projects, aimed at driving tangible social or environmental change by engaging audiences, stakeholders, and communities.

How do we support impact campaigns?

With the newly founded Good Media Lab, we will support six to eight selected projects each year to develop and execute their impact campaigns. This will include, an initial brain trust to connect with potential partners, a four-month training and development period with workshops and labs, and participation in the Good Media Pitch.  Moreover, we will offer each of the projects an additional six months of mentoring and training opportunities after the pitch. The projects selected will also be able to apply for a seed fund to kickstart their impact campaigns.

And when is this going to happen?

April: Launch call for six to eight projects.
May: Announcement of which projects have been selected.
June to August: Collaborative development of impact campaigns and presentations with the selected projects.
October: Presentation of the developed concepts at the Good Media Pitch in Berlin.

How can you support the idea and initiative?

If you’re passionate about film and its potential to make an impact, we would like to invite you to become part of our network!In order to support the films’ impact campaigns effectively, we need YOU as our ally. Are you an NGO, foundation, company, or institution interested in potentially partnering with future impact campaigns?

Sign up to grow the network!

Anything else?

Do you need support, consultation, or feedback on impact campaigns? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out. We offer support to ongoing campaigns, which can include consultation services, tailored workshops, brain trusts, or even just a simple chat over coffee to provide initial input.