Impact Days at FIFDH 2024

At the FIFDH Impact Days, global advocates united for impactful storytelling. From Sandra Whipham’s lecture on film and democracies to the presentation of impact strategies of award-winning films like Battle for Laikipia or Hakuchu Munayta, themes of empowerment and decolonization shined.

The Impact Days at FIFDH commenced with a packed welcome drink at the picturesque Espace Pitoëff. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, participants eagerly reconnected with the international impact field. Sandra Whipham from DocSociety set the tone on Monday morning with her keynote address titled "Love and Rockets: towards the independent and democratic future we all need and deserve." Despite initial gloom surrounding global democracies, Whipham sparked discussions on the potential of film and storytelling to shape inspiring narratives for the future.

Spotlight on Projects: Pitching Impact Campaigns

Sixteen carefully selected projects took center stage to pitch their impactful campaigns. Award-winning Kenyan producer Toni Kamau presented Battle for Laikipia, that was pitched by award-winning Kenyan producer Toni Kamau and took away a special extra Storyboard Collective award  for community screenings with Sunshine Cinema! Augusto Zegarra's poignant documentary Hakuchu Munayta won the main impact award, shedding light on the preservation of the Quechua language. Meanwhile, Helena de Castro’s Brotherhood of Weeping Men explored diverse expressions of masculinity, earning recognition for its impactful storytelling. 

Exploring Impact Strategies: Panel Discussions and Workshops

The event delved into crucial topics, from the role of film in driving social change to strategies for measuring impact. Khadidja Benouataf curated an insightful panel discussion, prompting vital reflections on impact measurement and reporting. Additionally, a GIPA workshop session titled "Breaking the bubble: Impactful Talks for Democracy" provided a platform to explore innovative mechanisms for effecting change. Participants engaged in philosophical discussions and explored practical strategies, inspired by organizations like Sunshine Cinema and Taturana.

As the event concluded, participants expressed gratitude to organizers Ana Castañosa and Laura Longobardi for orchestrating an inspiring and impactful gathering. With renewed enthusiasm, attendees looked forward to future endeavors, including participation in Movies that Matter, fostering continued collaboration and innovation in the realm of impactful filmmaking.